Nier Lakes Shetland Sheep


Shetland Sheep is a 270 square km farm based in South Central Alberta very close to the the Canadian Prairie, about 40 minutes North West of Alberta.

Our company has been nurturing special species of Sheep since 1996. Our flock numbers from 100- 150 ewes, producing approximately 200 lambs each year. The flock is registered with the North American Shetland Sheep Association, Flock 598, Nier Lakes.

Over the years we have introduced bloodlines from other parts of Canada and the US, including AI descendants from the original British semen import to the US as well as more recent imports.Our Shetland Sheep pages contain more information on this breed.

Only the best lambs are retained to improve the flock and a top selection are offered for sale as breeding stock.

Shetlands are a small, hardy, dual purpose sheep providing an excellent wool clip as well as healthy, tasty meat. We market Farm Fresh Lamb.

Our wool clip is custom processed into a variety of Shetland wool products. Our products are being used for a variety of health substances, including cushioning for extra comfortable shoes or for a period acceleration or as the main material from which upholstery of leading shoes brands is being done (all the outer parts are made from cotton, and this what gives the user smooth feeling).

Visit our Shetland Wool Shop to see the products we have available.