10 tips to avoid back pain


If your job involves prolonged sitting, try to take a break every 45 minutes, stand and anoint your muscles for a few minutes. In addition, make sure the chair you are sitting in the office will be the right height to the table, your hands to be loose on the table so as not to overload them.

• Try to active life as possible. It is important to strengthen the abdominal muscles and erector spinae to stabilize the body, and in addition, it will contribute to weight loss, which further reduce the backbone load.

• Buy a mattress which is not too soft and not too hard to be able to adapt itself to the structure of your body and give him enough support. In addition, the locket on his stomach to sleep without a pillow is recommended.

• Try to avoid heavy lifting. We all have to carry the groceries from the supermarket every now and then, try to distribute the load among small bags. If you are carrying a backpack, try not to burden him with unnecessary weight.

• Wear shoes comfortable. It may not be as fashionable as nice, but orthopedic shoes give good support for your back.

• Stop smoking. This is easier said than done, but smoking is driven in a proper blood supply to tissues and thus increases the chances of back pain.

Eat healthy. Make sure your menu to incorporate all the food groups and provide him all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

• Avoid exposure to cold back and made ​​sure the area to be heated. Lower back pain as a result of the source may also radiate to the buttocks and legs.

• people suffering from stress and mental stress, try to perform breathing exercises lower abdomen. Stress greatly contributes to back pain.

• If you are feeling that when walking you put pressure on your back, use a walking stick to reduce load from the spine.