8 remedies for curing constipation

Constipation is when bowel movement becomes hard to pass leading to failure in defalcation. This.This is a condition that is somewhat embarrassing for people but it can be life threatening if not properly addressed.Some major causes of constipation are diet and low liquid intake,medications,functional and endocrine problems.There is no need to feel embarrassed about this condition because almost everyone has gone through it.Here are some remedies of curing constipation.

1. Always take plenty of fluids especially clean water.Take at least ten glasses a day if you are going through constipation.Add lemon to the water because it acts as a cleansing agent.The solution cleans the liver and colon removing and stones and dirt that may have blocked the passage of waste.Water helps things move normally in the passage so that there can be no friction or pain when passing out stool.Avoid or reduce intake of drinks such as coffee,tea and alcohol.

2. Cut out on foods that contain fats and sugars.They only worsen the situation.It is recommended to instead take food containing fibers.Fibers are able to absorb water because they are never digested.The waste thus becomes softer and is able to be passed out.Fruits,vegetables,and roughage contain these fibers.

3.  Doing regular exercises will also help one get rid of constipation.Moving around is useful in keeping the muscles active and functioning in the right way.Being inactive will only clog up the muscles in the colon which eventually lead to constipation.Make sure therefore that the body is regularly working out.

4.  Never ignore the calls of nature.Sometimes constipation is caused by “people not going when they need to go.”This is why your body will send you signals that you need to use the bathroom.If you keep “holding” water will be absorbed making the stool harder.

5.  At times you can encourage bowel movement by doing a gentle massage around the abdomen.This act helps one release toxic air from the body.It is especially helpful for children.It is however not recommended for pregnant women.

6.  Castor oil is a constipation remedy that has been used for thousand of years.It helps the bowels move very quickly without causing any side effects.Castor oil should be taken in the mornings in order to clear the bowels.In addition, it can be chilled and mixed with juice for those who do not like its taste.

7.  More remedies include taking dandelion tea,Epsom salt solution,using greenback powder,drinking prune juice and eating yogurt for breakfast.Yogurt contains live beneficial bacteria that create a healthy digestive system.

8. Prolonged constipation can be solved by taking senna pills.This can be done when the above mentioned methods fail to work.A doctor should however be consulted first because these tablets can have serious side effects like liver malfunctions.
To conclude,constipation can be avoided by eating healthy,drinking plenty of water,exercising and lastly being psychologically fit.Special attention should be given for infants and children because they are more vulnerable to this condition.