Breading Chart

Nier Lakes Shetland Sheep maintains a 100-150 ewe flock of registered Shetland Sheep providing 200 + lambs yearly. We run approximately 10 breeding rams each year producing a variety of  bloodlines, colours and patterns. The best quality lambs are retained and sold while the remainder are sent to market.  Find a selection below of  some of the sheep currently for sale at Nier Lakes.  Our flock  is too large to list all the sheep available for sale. If you are looking for a specific colour or pattern and do not see it on this page,  please send an e-mail to us at the address below.

Shetland Rams
Picture Name & Price DOB Colour/
Sire x Dam Description
Nier Lakes Archimedes
S16734300.00  CDN
2002 Grey Nier Lakes Archer x
Cherrington Marble

Uniform fleece style


Shetland Ewes

Picture Name DOB Colour/
Sire x Dam Price