5 Home Remedies for Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones affect a large percent of people and may  she 1419870_11067243cause even other severe problems. This is a condition that occurs as a result of build up of mucus, food particles, bacteria and other material that get trapped in the tonsils. In some case, it is possible to see them at the back of the throat when you use a flashlight and look in the mirror. They are in yellowish and white color and cause soar throats and bad breath. The symptoms make many people to look for different ways that they can remove and prevent the tonsil stones. This article offers you some of the home remedies for the stones.


Chewing raw garlic cloves act as a perfect way to ensure that the stones are removed completely. Garlic has anti bacteria properties help eliminate different conditions that are caused by bacteria, and tonsil stones fall in this category. All you need to do is to chew raw garlic a few times everyday and all the bacteria that might be leading solidification of the particles and other materials in the tonsils.

 Lemon juice   maxresdefault

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which will help in the elimination of the tonsil stones in an effective manner. You need to is to mix a few tablespoons of the juice with one cup of warm water. If you wish to, you can add some salt to the lemon juice and then drink. Keep the lemon juice swirling around the areas that are affected around the tonsils before you can swallow. Each time you drink the juice, try holding it in the mouth for at lest one and a half minute.


If the tonsil stones are reachable using your fingers, then it is possible to scrape them out using the fingers. However, you need to be extra careful not to picking them too hard, to avoid making the problem worse. In case you are able to scrape them out, you should them gargle some salt water instantly around the mouth to remove the extra stones that you may have made loose.

 Essential oils 

There are some essential oils that have anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that can help solve this problem. Some of the oils you need to use include myrrh, thieves oil and lemon grass. All you need to do is to add some drops of the oil on your toothbrush. You need to do this as you brush your tongue and teeth. You can also have these essential oils in a spray bottle and spray it on all the areas that are affected.

Unsweetened, organic yoghurt

Yoghurt contains probiotic, which is a good bacterium that your body requires and which may help in getting rid of the tonsil stones. In addition, the bacteria also help prevent the tonsil stones from getting back to you. Thus, you can eat natural probiotic yoghurt to help your body get rid of the bacterial and other particles that lead to the development of this problem.

How exercising effect the monthly period

There are number of things 99% of the women don’t know about menstrual cycle and exercise,
let go over them now in this article.   Did you know that exercising can stop or delay your monthly period in a few days. I guess you didn’t know that, right?  menustral period

The main difference difference between men and women is the menstrual cycle, and the type of anabolic hormones. The male hormone testosterone contrast created daily cycle estrogen and progesterone hormones in women are built in one month long and therefore is called menstruation.

While testosterone strong influence on the development of muscle mass and strength, in women with little amount of this hormone has little effect on these parameters, and to all a great impact on physical activity and intensity of violence and therefore must be considered according to intensity training cycle.

Phases of the menstrual cycle in women and training design, whereby

Menstrual cycle begins at step cleaning residues before menstruation reflected not pregnant. Drops out and endometrial blood loss, an average of 5 days of bleeding, and in fact this is molting process. At the same time those five days begins to mature and develop into a new egg.

The main sporting significance of menstruation is the meaning of cardio, (because of the ability to decrease blood loss and aerobic).

Blood pace of innovation in the blood of two components: plasma (water) come back in two or three days and red blood cells takes about six weeks to renew them. When there is strong menstrual blood loss, not sure I give enough to resume all spheres and in fact it will give more vulnerable to anemia. So at this point should be decreased training intensity and volume of training.

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In other words, at this stage it is best to perform cardio on an elliptical machine / low intensity bike 70-75% HR max heart rate for 30 minutes + reinforcement training, and up to 8 exercises 3 sets of 12 Chazal.

The next step is the step-by regulators – (post) from the 6th after the start of menstruation until the 13th day after menstruation. This is the stage oocyte maturation, have endometrial construction. These days load, high intensity and volume, are also good days competition.

In other words, at this stage it is best to perform aerobic exercise on a treadmill at a moderate intensity-high 80-85% maximum heart rate for 35-40 minutes (interval training can be performed extensive / intensive) + reinforcement training, and up to 8 exercises 3 sets of 8-10 Sages .

The next step is dropping on the 14th day of ovulation (mittele smers) – the egg from the ovary shot, it takes a few hours. This spring explosion tearing the side of the ovary. Trumpet aim to catch the egg. Ovulation may be accompanied by intense abdominal pain following the splitting of the membrane of the ovary is therefore not recommended to carry on training or training to perform maximum light workout.

In other words, at this stage it is best to perform cardio on an elliptical machine / low intensity bike 70% HR max heart rate for 30 minutes + reinforcement training, and up to 8 exercises 3 sets of 15-20 sages.

The next step is the post-ovulatory phase from day 15 to day 25 the increase in the endometrium. 7-8 days passed and there was no fertilization, impact sports, this is the stage where you can perform intense strength training. Training as specified in the post-menstrual phase

The next step on the 26-28 period and Stit- pre premenstrual syndrome (pms), sex hormones drop should therefore decrease power therefore recommended to make low-load exercise. Training as specified in the ovulation phase.

To sum up gym girls your coming and if you do not manage to work out as I give ordinary or if seeing a decline in the Munich particular day, try to remember this table and accordingly plan the training and intensity of violence.

1-5 days menstrual phase: low load

At 6-13 days after menstruation: sub indicates the maximum load.

At ovulation on day 14: low load

At 15-25 days after ovulation: maximum load

At 26-28 days before menstruation: low load.

8 remedies for curing constipation

Constipation is when bowel movement becomes hard to pass leading to failure in defalcation. This.This is a condition that is somewhat embarrassing for people but it can be life threatening if not properly addressed.Some major causes of constipation are diet and low liquid intake,medications,functional and endocrine problems.There is no need to feel embarrassed about this condition because almost everyone has gone through it.Here are some remedies of curing constipation.

1. Always take plenty of fluids especially clean water.Take at least ten glasses a day if you are going through constipation.Add lemon to the water because it acts as a cleansing agent.The solution cleans the liver and colon removing and stones and dirt that may have blocked the passage of waste.Water helps things move normally in the passage so that there can be no friction or pain when passing out stool.Avoid or reduce intake of drinks such as coffee,tea and alcohol.

2. Cut out on foods that contain fats and sugars.They only worsen the situation.It is recommended to instead take food containing fibers.Fibers are able to absorb water because they are never digested.The waste thus becomes softer and is able to be passed out.Fruits,vegetables,and roughage contain these fibers.

3.  Doing regular exercises will also help one get rid of constipation.Moving around is useful in keeping the muscles active and functioning in the right way.Being inactive will only clog up the muscles in the colon which eventually lead to constipation.Make sure therefore that the body is regularly working out.

4.  Never ignore the calls of nature.Sometimes constipation is caused by “people not going when they need to go.”This is why your body will send you signals that you need to use the bathroom.If you keep “holding” water will be absorbed making the stool harder.

5.  At times you can encourage bowel movement by doing a gentle massage around the abdomen.This act helps one release toxic air from the body.It is especially helpful for children.It is however not recommended for pregnant women.

6.  Castor oil is a constipation remedy that has been used for thousand of years.It helps the bowels move very quickly without causing any side effects.Castor oil should be taken in the mornings in order to clear the bowels.In addition, it can be chilled and mixed with juice for those who do not like its taste.

7.  More remedies include taking dandelion tea,Epsom salt solution,using greenback powder,drinking prune juice and eating yogurt for breakfast.Yogurt contains live beneficial bacteria that create a healthy digestive system.

8. Prolonged constipation can be solved by taking senna pills.This can be done when the above mentioned methods fail to work.A doctor should however be consulted first because these tablets can have serious side effects like liver malfunctions.
To conclude,constipation can be avoided by eating healthy,drinking plenty of water,exercising and lastly being psychologically fit.Special attention should be given for infants and children because they are more vulnerable to this condition.

Is drinking milk healthy for me?

The question many people ask themselves, is consuming milk is healthy fomilkr me?

In this article, we will try to explain the health benefits of milk and dairy products consumption.

Milk and milk products are considered healthy because of the following

1) Milk and milk products help us to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome – when studies show that consumption of dairy products reduces the risk of developing metabolic syndrome (which is a collection of risk factors that occur together).

2) Is a healthy dairy milk helps ?, oral health – Dentists say that milk is safe to drink beverage between meals.

Drinking milk, decreases the likelihood, gum infections and tooth decay.

In addition, phosphorus, casein, and calcium, found in cheeses, protect tooth enamel, injuries.

3) milk and dairy products, can help control the level of calcium which is normal.

4) Is a healthy milk and milk products ?, help prevent heart disease – products of low-fat milk, help balance blood pressure.

They protect against heart disease thanks to the following three things: they help lower cholesterol, help lower high blood pressure, and help in reducing obesity.

When the United States Heart Association recommends consuming 3 servings low-fat dairy products every day.

5) Suitable for milk nutrition completion – from seven different components, it found an insufficient quantity of the diet, then milk, cheese, and yogurt, contain three (calcium, magnesium, and potassium).

6) Milk reduces the incidence of mammary cancer – milk and dairy products consumption, reduces the risk of various types of cancer (especially colon cancer).

7) milk is considered the ideal sports drink – New studies show that milk is the most suitable drink for sports activities.

Drinking milk after having a fitness workout or after strength training, increases metabolism and protein synthesis in which the muscles.

This way the muscles in our bodies are built significantly more, and faster.

8) There are milk and milk products, ingredients are important to our body such as: Vitamin B12, potassium, vitamin A, magnesium, niacin, and vitamin B2.


9) Milk consumption helps to reduce the risk of diabetes (type 2) – as by various clinical studies, consumption of adequate amounts of vitamin D, dairy products, and calcium can help prevent type 2 diabetes.

Although drinking milk helps the return of body fluids after intense exercise it.

Although milk helps rehabilitate glycogen, which is our muscles.

10) milk definitely helps to maintain the normal body weight – there are studies that show that consumption of low-fat dairy products helps for weight loss, lowering body fat, improve metabolism, maintain the new weight.

Finally, milk and dairy products, greatly contribute to physical health, so it is recommended to consume them on a daily basis.

10 tips to avoid back pain


If your job involves prolonged sitting, try to take a break every 45 minutes, stand and anoint your muscles for a few minutes. In addition, make sure the chair you are sitting in the office will be the right height to the table, your hands to be loose on the table so as not to overload them.

• Try to active life as possible. It is important to strengthen the abdominal muscles and erector spinae to stabilize the body, and in addition, it will contribute to weight loss, which further reduce the backbone load.

• Buy a mattress which is not too soft and not too hard to be able to adapt itself to the structure of your body and give him enough support. In addition, the locket on his stomach to sleep without a pillow is recommended.

• Try to avoid heavy lifting. We all have to carry the groceries from the supermarket every now and then, try to distribute the load among small bags. If you are carrying a backpack, try not to burden him with unnecessary weight.

• Wear shoes comfortable. It may not be as fashionable as nice, but orthopedic shoes give good support for your back.

• Stop smoking. This is easier said than done, but smoking is driven in a proper blood supply to tissues and thus increases the chances of back pain.

Eat healthy. Make sure your menu to incorporate all the food groups and provide him all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

• Avoid exposure to cold back and made ​​sure the area to be heated. Lower back pain as a result of the source may also radiate to the buttocks and legs.

• people suffering from stress and mental stress, try to perform breathing exercises lower abdomen. Stress greatly contributes to back pain.

• If you are feeling that when walking you put pressure on your back, use a walking stick to reduce load from the spine.

How to treat sore feet?

Many reasons that the sudden appearance of sore feet. Many times, the phenomenon of leg pain is directly related to our bloodstream. What does it mean? Our body is held very fine texture of blood flow – on the one hand, the blood must constantly flow out of the capillaries. On the other side – he also has to go back to them often. Also, it is very important that there will be an accumulation of fluid between cells in different areas – so just to have the lymph nodes, whose function is to cleanse the body fluids. Sore feet can occur due to various reasons, each of which can make a difference in the bloodstream – obesity, weight loss, heart failure, changes in the kidneys, and more and more things, all affect the flow of blood, causing the formation of edema – and leg pain.

What are the causes for sore feet?   sf_1442880_71519474

However, it is important to say, appearance of leg pain is not eternal – Today there are many methods for the treatment of edema, leg pain to disappear, and to encourage proper blood flow, and the flow of fluid retained in the edema. So how do you turn a blind leg pain? First, it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle – research has shown that a short exercise, consisting of 30 minutes a day, three times enacted that day – really helps to improve blood circulation, and cause the disappearance of leg pain. Physical activity is very encouraging blood flow throughout the body – and of course the legs. Even wearing a clothing elastic, whose job is to put pressure on regional edema, leg pain helps concealing, as they click on the area and encourage the flow of fluid out.

Another method, very effective against sore feet, is the method of using cold therapy. The cold treatment method, as you might have guessed, indeed uses low temperatures. But what does using cold therapy, and treatment of leg pain performance?

Cold therapy is the best solution for sore feet

Method of treatment is very effective against cold feet pain caused by poor circulation. Actually making cold treatment method is to treat the root of the problem – the return to normal blood circulation, promote blood flow in and out, as well as accumulated fluid, causing swelling. The process of using cold therapy, a small canula inserted into the area where the pain feels. The low temperature causes blood vessels to dilate automatically (to keep warm). Expansion vessel has one meaning – more blood flows through the body. More blood flow means better drainage of fluid in the area where we felt leg pain. So with the cold therapy method, we conceal the leg pain once and for all.

How to get rid of constipation?

So How to get rid of constipation?
Usually the treatment is divided into three levels:

Accurate diagnosis      how to get rid of constipation

The treatment of constipation including early diagnosis, in order to get to the root of the problem. Nutrition will be reviewed initial questioning, habits, blood tests, medicines, and of course we treat emotional factors. Examine whether the constipation is against the backdrop of the surplus or deficit (over-innervation or low tone).

Prescribing Diet and nutritional supplements to treat constipation

Fiber, drink right, essential fatty acids, in accordance with the needs of the client / the exact. When constipation is caused by nutritional deficits, it is necessary to take supplements for a while, until we create a balance with proper nutrition. In many occasions we use plants that help in certain cases , but these do not cause dependence and addiction. Especially severe cases can plant laxative or candles to help primary ports, and then continue treating mild.

Emotional care and proper learning habits 

For example, reading services is a bad habit that causes constipation, and may even cause hemorrhoids and a weakening of the pelvic floor. Learn how to handling habits of years are causing the problem and how to take care of them.
Bach, guided imagery and healing are in my experience very powerful tools for the treatment of constipation. Many times you can get rid of chronic constipation that goes with emotional therapy.

How to get rid of constipation during pregnancy?

Constipation can be treated definitely pregnant. Constipation usually begins in the third trimester, but some women suffer from constipation the first week. Pregnancy is particularly important to treat constipation gently and as quickly as possible, to avoid hemorrhoids, fissures, and other problems that tend to appear pregnant and / or after birth, as a result of the load on the hips and across the baby through the birth canal.

Pregnancy constipation treatment include nutritional therapy, herbal medicinal plants (be sure to naturopathic / home specializing in pregnancy, because most plants use pregnant prohibited. Plants to pregnant permitted and forbidden).
I sometimes also incorporates reflexology treatment, which is very effective for constipation (again, strictly certified therapist, because there are points in the foot that can induce labor, and do not touch them)

I quit smoking and have constipation. What to do?
Quitting smoking and constipation – is quite frustrating. Nicotine aids bowel movements, causing gastrointestinal hang cigarettes. Even in this condition can be treated at the clinic, with the help of diet, if necessary plants.

Natural treatment for constipation in children and infants

In infants and children is especially important to address the issue as soon as possible, in order to avoid pain and as a result creating a vicious cycle of pain-fear-avoidance port and back again. In children can be caused by problems in rehab constipation (feeling of pressure, or negative emotions involved in rehab, was angry when a child runs away, etc.), when moving to solid food, a sense of lack of control of the child, stress and of course nutritional and physiological reasons as adults.

I found that my clinic Bach Flower therapy is extremely effective in infants and children with constipation (and sometimes fissure), as well as integration with Bach flowers, cards and therapeutic art therapy.