How to get rid of constipation?

So How to get rid of constipation?
Usually the treatment is divided into three levels:

Accurate diagnosis      how to get rid of constipation

The treatment of constipation including early diagnosis, in order to get to the root of the problem. Nutrition will be reviewed initial questioning, habits, blood tests, medicines, and of course we treat emotional factors. Examine whether the constipation is against the backdrop of the surplus or deficit (over-innervation or low tone).

Prescribing Diet and nutritional supplements to treat constipation

Fiber, drink right, essential fatty acids, in accordance with the needs of the client / the exact. When constipation is caused by nutritional deficits, it is necessary to take supplements for a while, until we create a balance with proper nutrition. In many occasions we use plants that help in certain cases , but these do not cause dependence and addiction. Especially severe cases can plant laxative or candles to help primary ports, and then continue treating mild.

Emotional care and proper learning habits 

For example, reading services is a bad habit that causes constipation, and may even cause hemorrhoids and a weakening of the pelvic floor. Learn how to handling habits of years are causing the problem and how to take care of them.
Bach, guided imagery and healing are in my experience very powerful tools for the treatment of constipation. Many times you can get rid of chronic constipation that goes with emotional therapy.

How to get rid of constipation during pregnancy?

Constipation can be treated definitely pregnant. Constipation usually begins in the third trimester, but some women suffer from constipation the first week. Pregnancy is particularly important to treat constipation gently and as quickly as possible, to avoid hemorrhoids, fissures, and other problems that tend to appear pregnant and / or after birth, as a result of the load on the hips and across the baby through the birth canal.

Pregnancy constipation treatment include nutritional therapy, herbal medicinal plants (be sure to naturopathic / home specializing in pregnancy, because most plants use pregnant prohibited. Plants to pregnant permitted and forbidden).
I sometimes also incorporates reflexology treatment, which is very effective for constipation (again, strictly certified therapist, because there are points in the foot that can induce labor, and do not touch them)

I quit smoking and have constipation. What to do?
Quitting smoking and constipation – is quite frustrating. Nicotine aids bowel movements, causing gastrointestinal hang cigarettes. Even in this condition can be treated at the clinic, with the help of diet, if necessary plants.

Natural treatment for constipation in children and infants

In infants and children is especially important to address the issue as soon as possible, in order to avoid pain and as a result creating a vicious cycle of pain-fear-avoidance port and back again. In children can be caused by problems in rehab constipation (feeling of pressure, or negative emotions involved in rehab, was angry when a child runs away, etc.), when moving to solid food, a sense of lack of control of the child, stress and of course nutritional and physiological reasons as adults.

I found that my clinic Bach Flower therapy is extremely effective in infants and children with constipation (and sometimes fissure), as well as integration with Bach flowers, cards and therapeutic art therapy.