How to treat sore feet?

Many reasons that the sudden appearance of sore feet. Many times, the phenomenon of leg pain is directly related to our bloodstream. What does it mean? Our body is held very fine texture of blood flow – on the one hand, the blood must constantly flow out of the capillaries. On the other side – he also has to go back to them often. Also, it is very important that there will be an accumulation of fluid between cells in different areas – so just to have the lymph nodes, whose function is to cleanse the body fluids. Sore feet can occur due to various reasons, each of which can make a difference in the bloodstream – obesity, weight loss, heart failure, changes in the kidneys, and more and more things, all affect the flow of blood, causing the formation of edema – and leg pain.

What are the causes for sore feet?   sf_1442880_71519474

However, it is important to say, appearance of leg pain is not eternal – Today there are many methods for the treatment of edema, leg pain to disappear, and to encourage proper blood flow, and the flow of fluid retained in the edema. So how do you turn a blind leg pain? First, it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle – research has shown that a short exercise, consisting of 30 minutes a day, three times enacted that day – really helps to improve blood circulation, and cause the disappearance of leg pain. Physical activity is very encouraging blood flow throughout the body – and of course the legs. Even wearing a clothing elastic, whose job is to put pressure on regional edema, leg pain helps concealing, as they click on the area and encourage the flow of fluid out.

Another method, very effective against sore feet, is the method of using cold therapy. The cold treatment method, as you might have guessed, indeed uses low temperatures. But what does using cold therapy, and treatment of leg pain performance?

Cold therapy is the best solution for sore feet

Method of treatment is very effective against cold feet pain caused by poor circulation. Actually making cold treatment method is to treat the root of the problem – the return to normal blood circulation, promote blood flow in and out, as well as accumulated fluid, causing swelling. The process of using cold therapy, a small canula inserted into the area where the pain feels. The low temperature causes blood vessels to dilate automatically (to keep warm). Expansion vessel has one meaning – more blood flows through the body. More blood flow means better drainage of fluid in the area where we felt leg pain. So with the cold therapy method, we conceal the leg pain once and for all.